Gypsy Joynt

Voted Galveston Islands Restaurant of the year 2017

Gypsy Joynt Cafe

A live music space and restaurant serving classic American fare, this family venture also has a small bakery where the owner’s 29-year-old daughter, Kaitlin Stafford, sells her line of 30 popular oversize cookies. Her renditions include a banana chocolate walnut sandwich with Kahlúa buttercream and a mint-infused sugar version with a cucumber cream. Customers can pick up a wrapped cookie or eat it in the black-walled space which, with its beaded curtains and multicolored string lighting, has a hippie-ish vibe. Prices from $2.49.



Gypsy Joynt Café, Massachusetts

Gypsy Joynt Café

With a bohemian décor and lively roster of musical acts, this Great Barrington, Mass., venue/restaurant is a trip, man. Don't believe me? Ask Travis Raab, a guitarist who plays with Katharine McPhee. He's from Great Barrington and says, "If you want to see open mikes showcasing New England hippie weirdos playing bizarre djembe chants, this is the spot." Info:

GREAT BARRINGTON - Not much about the Gypsy Joynt Cafe is subtle. From the flea-market-chic of its decor - an elephant tapestry here, a headless mannequin there - to the potent flavor combinations on its menu of American-style comfort food, everything at this downtown restaurant fairly screams for attention.     (click on the image to read the full article)

Multitask at the Gypsy Joynt Cafe, an electric cafe/music venue/clothing shop. Bonus: most of the food-including a spread of drool- worthy desserts-is locally sourced 



Gypsy Joynt Café and Gypsy Joint Jive

Great Barrington
This mini-empire in Great Barrington includes Gypsy Joynt Café, Gypsy Joynt Clothing Company, and Gypsy Joynt Jive (restaurant/bar/arcade)... all with more hippie magic than Jerry Garcia’s beard. The café morphs from a daytime über-chill hangout spot to a raucous rock 'n’ roll den at night. Jive is an industrial chic rec room complete with pool tables and your favorite old-school arcade games. Craft beers (e.g. Berkshire Brewing), easy-going cocktails (Frozen Lemonade Whiskey), and a welcoming “hey, man” vibe keep things going all the way to Terrapin Station.

GREAT BARRINGTON - The '70s are back! And this time they're home-grown, organic and raised without hormones or preservatives. 

If you've already discovered the newest addition to Great Barrington's abundance of restaurants, Gypsy Joynt, hiding behind Cafe Adam on the Stockbridge Road, you will know what I mean when I quote my dining partner: "I feel like I've entered a time zone and am in a place I've never ever been to before."     (click on the image to read the full article)

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